MassageCome and experience the healing power of massage. Our customized treatments will target your individual areas of need. Relax, as your mental stress and physical fatigue melts away, rejuvenating your spirit and well-being.

Relaxation Massage

The perfect escape from the stresses of your busy lifestyle. This light, gliding, rhythmic massage leaves the body rested and relaxed. The ultimate in full-body, head-to-toe relaxation.

  • 20 Minute Chair Massage from $20
  • 60 Minutes MeMe Massage from $65

Aromatherapy Massage

Bask in this full body, aromatic, essential oil based massage that releases tension and brings an increased sense of well-being and total relaxation to your senses.

  • 50 Minutes $85
  • 80 Minutes $115

Deep Tissue Massage

Let go as your practitioner uses slow, deep and intense massage strokes affecting the belly of the muscle to assist in the relief of pain, tension, and emotional stress within the body. This penetrating treatment helps to increase circulation and flexibility.

  • 25 Minutes $50
  • 50 Minutes $80
  • 80 Minutes $110

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage is intended for those in need of relief from recent injury or ongoing muscle fatigue. Professional and weekend athletes alike thrive on this fast paced, invigorating massage.

  • 25 Minutes $50
  • 50 Minutes $80
  • 80 Minutes $110

Hot Stone Massage

Allow the deep, penetrating heat of volcanic, basalt stone to heat your muscles, enhancing relaxation, circulation and the healing process. Dive into this extraordinary massage experience!

  • 60 Minutes from $95